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Empowering you with heart centered consciousness & traditional medicine

Jessica uses the gifts of traditional medicine; teachings from the East and the Far East including ancient Chinese principles and Ayurveda to nurture the  expansion of your consciousness and the health of your body and mind. With safe natural therapies and supportive education Jessica will help you cultivate your wholeness and health into a lifestyle and longevity you enjoy.

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Meet Jessica

Jessica O’Malley is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and licensed acupuncturist with an MSA from Bastyr University and a BS in Natural Health Sciences. She is also a licensed massage therapist and graduate of Kerala Ayurveda Academy. She practices traditional constitutional medicine that includes herbalism, vibrational modalities, bodywork, nutrition, breathing, meditation and exercise. She is also a peri-natal doula assisting midwives and supporting their clients from fertility to their postpartum recovery and mothering years. Jessica relies on a simple family based medical model that is centered on daily practices of healthy living and preventative care. Sessions with Jessica are like learning how to live and care for yourself and your family in a way that promotes wellness, happiness and an unfolding of your true self. She’s helped many clients through situations including major health crises, reducing medications, or to gain better understanding of their body, diet, daily habits, and mental health in easy enjoyable ways that build vitality and resilience.

Her specialties include stress resilience, improving sleep, weight management, immunology/ autoimmune conditions, hormone balance, injury recovery, digestion and nutrition, and women’s health.

Jessica’s doula services are backed by 14 yrs of experience working with traditional midwives and offering in-home services for fertility support ,prenatal care, birth prep, labor support, and postpartum recovery.

Her sessions are available as virtual consultations or local housecalls. She makes each visit enjoyable, caring, and thorough, with a focus on instant relief and a plan for reaching long term health goals.

Jessica’s courses, webinars, and retreats allow her to support anyone seeking natural or traditional medicine by laying the important foundations of healthy living according to ancient healing traditions from Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. She also loves to train and teach massage therapists, doulas, estheticians and vibrational healers as well as families and community members on integrating traditional and vibrational medicine into their daily practices.

Jessica believes a healthy body and well cared for mind are your best tools for accessing more joy, love, and wisdom in your life. She loves music, dancing and singing, hiking, gardening and cooking, and having fun with her loving, super supportive husband and 5 children.

What Jessica’s Clients are Saying

Why Traditional Healing is Circular

We are in this together.

With traditional medicine both the practitioner and the client get to learn, heal and grow. Every session is a gift and every person is a treasure trove of wisdom.

We are vessels.

We are the channels spirit uses to grace this world and each other with love, beauty, wisdom, and joy.

We are chosen.

It’s part of our purpose to pass down ancient wisdom from master teachers and ancestors before us with love, gratitude, and respect. We honor them with our fullest and happiest lives.

We are love.

Unconditional Love is the most powerful force in our world, and the balance of love and power creates harmony and growth.

We are whole-y.

All the answers we seek and abilities we need are within us.

We are magic.

What we love we become and where our attention goes energy flows. It’s all magic till science can eventually explain it in modern terms.

We are nature.

Our health and our planet’s health are one in the same. Nature provides everything we could ever need, our connection to our mother nature is our well being.

Want help weaving YOU centered natural wellness into your daily life? Join the Healing Circle today!

Traditional Integrative Medicine Consultations

Traditional Systems of Medicine such as Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine are based on the cultivation and  preservation of health and higher consciousness through education and empowerment of individuals and their families.  Natural healing was designed by the sages of Ayurveda and Taoism to be habituated through daily life, maintained through unifying one’s self with nature and celebrated within the seasonal ceremonies among your community.  Your physical body was to be cherished and kept robust and pure as your only vehicle into the realms of higher consciousness that are every person’s natural birthright. 


My skills as a healer are rooted in my desire to learn and to educate my clients on how to care for their bodies and their families in safe natural ways that keep everyone aligned with their heart, their soul, and their connection to spirit.  I see each and every person as whole, capable, and downright mystical in their ability to heal, learn, and benefit our world with their unique gifts.  


I have been integrating the unfolding of my own supernatural abilities since I was 12 years old. Instead of relying on fleeting mystical experiences and surreal healing powers I went to work studying with some of the leading experts and doctors in traditional medicine including Acupuncturists and Doctors of Chinese Medicine, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Osteopathic Physicians, Traditional Midwives, Ayurvedic Vaidyas, Reiki Masters, Qi Gong Masters, Shamans, Alchemists, Yogi’s,  and Western Medical Doctors.


I am deeply studied with years of higher education among the top universities and programs in natural healing arts and modern integrative medicine. As a scientist and a scholar I am thorough, and committed to providing the most essential and usable solutions that get the safest and fastest results in methods you can access and share with your family.  I’ve spent the last couple of decades practicing and benefitting from the most sophisticated systems of herbal medicine, nutrition, body work and subtle energy therapies around the world. I attained mastery in these systems beginning in 2007 and have been a professional healer of what I like to think of as traditional and vibrational medicine ever since. 


I love helping others understand their bodies and behaviors in ways that lower stress and inflammation, modulate the immune system, balance hormones, heal the gut, and resolve metabolic conditions. 


My consultations are different from other practitioners you may have seen because once we are done speaking I get to work channeling energetic healing and wisdom and writing you a useful report on your body systems and my recommendations.  My consultations are a blend of healing wisdom meant just for you, and ancient medicine backed my modern science. You can always ask me clarifying questions about what’s in your report and for ongoing support I offer monthly retainer options that are valuable and effective for ushering you through any health crisis or desire for rapid life improvement you become ready for.

Consultation Rates

The Deep Dive $300

90 min with me and 1-2 hrs of my work researching and compiling your treatment plan, resources, and recommendations. As a medical intuitive I also spend time in meditation for channeling and distance healing. This layer of my work is grounded in the data collected in our intakes and assessments. This report usually takes at least 48hrs to get back to you and I will follow up with answers to any questions pertaining to the report. This is a thorough initial consultation, including your health history interview and assessment followed by a personalized course in the natural healing habits and systems you’ll need to regain balance at your core and see your peripheral symptoms recede. 

The Follow Ups $200

60min with me and brief straight forward notes with specific recommendations within a short term treatment plan I compile in 30min and get back to you within a day. 

Specific Q & A $95

30 min with me and a quick note recapping what we went over including my recommendations and resources for you. For when you need a quick check in regarding a couple of specific questions that need short simple answers.

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